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Christiana Drapkin - jazz vocalist - press quotes

Critical acclaim for her recent release "Songs About You" (IANA Records):
On a carousel of eclectic jazz from Bebop to Bossa Nova, Christina Drapkin and Charles Sibirsky, put forth a delightful project released through IANA Records stamped for your pleasure as "Songs About You.@ Ms. Drapkin haunts the disc with a smooth but very distinct vocal performance that has legs for future memorable achievements. Partner and pianist Mr. Sibirsky collaborates admirably on this project, adding the proper touch to the vocals enjoyed. The subtle bass sounds are offered as well by Murray Wall along with instrumental hints from John Merrill (Guitar) and Charles Krachy (Tenor Saxophone). "Songs About You" her second project following her debut piece AThe Man I Love" displays a range of her talents. Six new tunes appear on this project as well as standards like Time on My Hands and Out of Nowhere, to name a few. All performed with the heart they justifiably warrant. Ms. Drapkin's voice delivers just the right mood to each tune making for a gratifying listen. Sibirsky's "Formation" is a fascinating and sweltering piece. Ms. Drapkin takes an innovative bebop attitude and plays with it. Very interesting and one can appreciate the composition technique of Sibirsky. Krachy's "Jazzman Serenade" is a fine saxophonists effort, with a soulful set of pipes to adorn this composition. This piece, along with delicate keyboards is heartfelt effort that deserves notice. Many vocal efforts cross the plane of the jazz world each year, many should read, Return to Sender. However, this project lifts an eyebrow or two, when the disc takes a spin. Angelic at times, Ms. Drapkin has the ability not only to sing but also more importantly capture the consideration of the listener. A well produced and composed addition to a collection for 2005.
Karl Stober, JazzTrenzz, 1/2005

"The album opens in a promising manner with a laid back, midtempo "Time On My Hands" with the singer's relaxed and assured delivery. A Sibirsky original, "Open Your Heart" begins as an attractive bossa with a guitar intro from John Merrill and is one of the high points of the session. Drapkin then presents a smokey cabaret reading of "You Don't Know What Love Is." ...The album continues with four successive new tunes. "Cholesterol Blues" is a "cute" song with a humorous idea. The best of these songs is the ballad "Jazzman's Serenade" written by tenor saxman Charley Krachy, who is given a feature spot. Another of these tunes, AFormation,@ written by Sibirsky, features Drapkin's scatting with the piano trio. ... Christiana Drapkin also provides vocals for two bona fide jazz standards. On @Procrastination Blues,@ which are lyrics set to Charlie Parker's "Now's The Time" the words do not sing the praises of Bird as Eddie Jefferson and Jon Hendricks have done in the past. Rather, hers is a pleasant and tuneful story of a person's time management problems. Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk" is presented here with Abbey Lincoln's lyrics and retitled "Monkery's The Blues" After about thirty years of hearing this lyric performed soulfully by Abbey Lincoln in her Candid days, this is a change of pace.
Michael P. Gladstone, All About Jazz, 12/2004

"What differentiates this set is a number of new songs alongside of traditional standards like "Just Friends". The creativity is not only welcomed but some of the new selections have the makings of new standards! We particularly liked the bossa nova feel of AOpen Your Heart@, the humorous lyrics of "Cholesterol Blues" and Christiana's bop scatting on "Formation". Charley Krachy adds warm tenor sax on "Jazzman's Serenade" to further round out a very good session."
D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Newsletter, Winter 2004

"Christiana has a lightly ethereal sound, pleasantly reedy in places, and she presents her material in a relaxed and confident manner."
Bruce Crowther, Swing2Bop, 11/2004

"... reminiscent of the style of the great café singers of the 40s and 50s. Christiana's voice and style sets the tone for the entire musical enterprise with verve and clarity. She is a felicitous combination of Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald; her scat singing is actually very well-placed coloratura, as we from the operatic tradition would say. The voice is full, sweetly gentle, with an excellent range and accurate pitch. The trio of piano, bass and rhythm, obviously fine soloists in their own right, provide steady and sympathetic accompaniment. But it is Christiana who stands front and center. Fine work."
Paulina K. Dennis, The Brooklyn Courier, 2003

"She's really a jazz musician."
Kate Coleman, The Herald Mail, 2004

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